Attention Park Owners and Operators

First-ever digital marketing education workshops specifically for the RV park and campground industry - now CPO-certified!
Learn the top 5 need-to-know-NOW topics with industry expert Evanne Schmarder and get into the conversation!

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This series consists of five live virtual-classroom modules taught by industry expert Evanne Schmarder offered over five weeks. Classroom pricing of $259 includes an "Intro to Digital Marketing" e-book, live one and a half hour seminar per topic (with Q&A), e-workbook for each topic, and a workshop recording of each session topic. Up to four individuals from your business may attend at the same computer terminal. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back. No questions asked.

Course Fee: $259.

Course date selections, webinar information/log-in and other details 
to follow after Workshop enrollment.

Conquering the Facebook Frontier

Digital Marketing Workshop - FacebookWhat launched in 2004 as a social network intended to help Harvard students get to know one another better has become a necessity in today’s business world. With 750+ million users worldwide, having a Facebook presence is an important tool in your marketing toolbox. And just as it’s important to know what tools work best for the job at hand it’s equally important to understand the options available to you on this mega-network.

What graduates are saying:

“Evanne has a deep knowledge of the topics that are the subject of her training programs and of her clients' markets. She articulates complex topics in a clear and concise way that ensures that her course students gain tangible benefits that will improve their businesses.”

“The Digital Marketing Workshop is packed with more actionable information than all the videos, books, blogs and online info I have studied on the subject over the last two years.”

“Evanne has a way of making you feel like this is easy! And best of all, she shows you how to use free and almost free tools to create a strong digital presence.”

Twitter Universe

Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the term “Twitter”. It’s all the rage at Fox News and CNN, Whole Foods, Zappos, State Visitor Bureaus, the National Park System, and more – many more. While you may have heard aboutDigital Marketing Workshop - Twitter Twitter do you know what it is and how it can benefit your business? C’mon Tweople…let me show you the essentials.

Using YouTube to Build Your Business

What are soDigital Marketing Workshop - YouTubeme of your website goals? Attract prospects? Provide information? Encourage visitors to book a stay with you? Build repeat business? Online video – both on your website and on YouTube – is one way to help you reach your website (and business) goals.

Sample Class Schedule

Classes begin at 12:30pm EST each Wednesday

Conquering the Facebook Frontier

Using YouTube to Build Your Business

Email Marketing is Dead - Long Live Email Marketing

Twitter Universe

Emerging Media & Productivity Tools


Email Marketing is Dead - Long Live Email Marketing

Staying top-of-mind, developing relationships, sending out a call-to-action…email marketing can do all of this and more for your business. Learn the why’s and how’s of e-newsletter and e-blast publishing. Examine your goals, idenDigital Marketing Workshop - Email Mktgtify required tools, consider your e-product's name and pick up several content ideas.

Emerging Media & Productivity Tools

What's the buzz? QR codes, Pinterest, Google+ and other emerging media tools, that's what. Get in the know on emerging media and learn tips and tricks to use your time online wisely with a few fine productivity tools.



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Course Fee: $259

Course date selections, webinar information/log-in and other details to follow after Workshop enrollment.

Digital Marketing Workshop

About Us

The RV industry's first-ever Digital Marketing Workshop was developed by industry expert, digital marketing consultant and popular association meeting/conference speaker Evanne Schmarder. After teaching and talking with several park owners and operators across the US, Evanne saw a distinct need for a webinar series covering the top digital marketing techniques for RV parks and campgrounds. The 5 live 1.5-hour modules coupled with subject specific e-workbooks and recordings of each session is designed to help small business owners understand and use today's virtual marketing tools.

Evanne Schmarder is the owner of Roadabode Productions, outdoor recreation communication consultants specializing in digital marketing strategy, social media program development, seminar facilitation and educational presentations, and business writing services. She's also the co-author in collaboration with Peter Pelland of Pelland Advertising of Unconventional Wisdom Works, now available, delivering 25 marketing strategies for today's outdoor recreation business owner/operator. On the B2C side Schmarder is the producer and host of the RV Cooking Show - part RV-travel guide, part cooking class on wheels.

Her practical know-how and easy to understand delivery has helped hundred's of park owners and operators get into the digital game. Evanne is "always on" and welcomes you to contact her personally to talk about your digital marketing needs.

Digital Marketing

Today consumers are taking things a step further and are asking one another (and the larger online community) about camping, different areas of the country, your park. You can and should enter that conversation via digital marketing – not as a peer (or a salesperson) but rather as an expert. You know if you’re in a family-friendly setting, about area events, local happenings, weather…you have an inside scoop that makes you an authority on the subject. What better opportunity than this to help others make an informed vacation decision. This marketing step is a combination of outbound techniques and “inbound marketing” – drawing consumers into your sphere of influence (think websites, email marketing, social media, videos).